C\ Castaño de Eiris, 1
15009 - A Coruña - España
Phone: (34) 981284400 - 981284133
Fax: (34) 981284215
e-mail: eiris@sekmail.com

School History

School History

The International College Eirís was acquired by International laInstitución SEK in 1992. Heretofore called Eirís College was founded in 1958 by four university educators who settled in a small apartment in the Plaza de Maria Pita.

The objective of these young entrepreneurs was the full commitment to training and education of children in a center official status to allow stability and continuity necessary in an educational process. In 1966-67 they moved to the current building has expanded over time due to the success of the school, especially as the high academic achievement of their students was a constant in the Center that earned him recognition family social city and a prestigious academic quality and rigor.

The incorporation of this school to SEK International Institution takes place in one of the most expansive moments. This phase began in 1982 with the start of the presidency of Don Jorge Segovia Bonet.A thereafter the institution continued to grow with the opening of its stores in Spain, Europe, USA, Latin America and South Africa. Eirís International School is located in Eirís Hill, close to all access links to the city, with infrastructure and trained personnel to provide quality learning.


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