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Past Pupils Club

Past Pupils Club

Some time ago you left the College and perhaps you fancy meeting you again with your old friends or at least know of them.

We, as you can see if you come by the school, we're still here and you consider important part of our history.

Therefore, taking advantage of new technologies, we thought of publishing on our website the emails to lead us, whether they are intended to us as if they are intended for your former colleagues to not limit ourselves to the written word and since we are in the era of the images we create a photo album with material of this kind to send us. Also the site will be the place where we can all peek.Establish two sections, one devoted to photos from the time you were at school and another at the current photos. Cheer up, sure to be fun comparing. 

Another reason why you would like to contact insurance is that you have much to say to current students, either in the professional field, sports, adventure or academic, and we would like listen to integrate the activities of the College if both agree and consider it productive. For this purpose we remind you that we have the school magazine "The Window" and if we ever collaboration aportáis rest assured that we will publish.

If you want to communicate any concerns or initiative, whether you are from recent promotions as other, not so recent, do the following email address: eiris.antiguosalumnos@sekmail.com


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