C\ Castaño de Eiris, 1
15009 - A Coruña - España
Phone: (34) 981284400 - 981284133
Fax: (34) 981284215
e-mail: eiris@sekmail.com



Welcome to the school year 2018-2019.


We would like to wish all students, families and teachers an academic year full of hopes and dreams, projects and ideas to discover and develop.

Each and every one of our students will go forward discovering life guided by their families and by their school. For this reason all the professionals that form part of Eirís International School will make an effort to understand each of their students, dedicating them time and listening to them from the heart, because education is time.

Each and every one of our professionals will consolidate cooperative learning, working systematically on learning based on projects.  Gamification will be an excellent ally in turning learning into a passionate adventure.  It will be a priority for tutors to work on self-knowledge, self-control, autonomy and the social abilities of our students.  We want to be proactive because we want to be capable of generating synergies, of transmitting enthusiasm and passion for what we do, which is simply TO TEACH.

Have a great year!


Joaquin Casado



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